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When Mars Meets Venus [ CD1 | Mars ]


Synth Tuning 03:30
Arkturus 07:29
Zirda 08:12
Broken Song 05:37
Alex Sparky 05:03


After being absent for a little while on Altar Records, Moscow-based musician Nick Klimenko (aka Chronos) fortunately brings us not one but two brand new ambient albums in 2012.

Dear Friends,

We're announcing the upcoming massive & ambitious project :

"When Mars Meets Venus,
Music for the imaginary Space Film" by CHRONOS

The story was made after inspirational ideas coming from great science fiction writers: Ivan Efremov, Stanislav Lem, Ray Bradbury.

It's also a story featuring unconditional love which is present everywhere in our universe and about the principles of relationships of man (Mars) & woman (Venus).

They will be released in a beautiful Eco-Digipack/Pocket deluxe format containing a wide palette of musical colors, deep emotions and experiments in various musical styles:

CD1: Mars (downtempo, space music, ambient, soundtrack, idm, dubstep & many more) [Limited to 300 CD copies presented in an Deluxe Eco-Wallet Digipack format]

CD2: Venus (space ambient, soundtrack music) (Digital version comes for free when you'll place an order for "Mars" album)

Watch some Youtube previews here:


released March 15, 2012

Nick (aka Chronos) is exclusively recording with analog gear and real synthesizers in his studio to capture the essence and warmth of a great sound!

The “Mars” journey can be described as follows:

Today, the solar system travels a near-circular path around our galaxy, keeping a constant 30,000 light years between us and the seething galactic core. We once assumed most stars stayed in such quiet orbits for their entire lives.

Our ride may have been more exciting.

The characteristic spiral arms of a galaxy such as the Milky Way are waves of higher density, regions where stars and gas are a little closer together than elsewhere in our galaxy's disc. Their additional gravity is normally too weak to alter a star's path by much, but if the star's orbital speed happens to match the speed at which the spiral arm is itself rotating, then the extra force has more time to take effect.

"It's like surfers on the ocean - if they're paddling too slow or too fast they don't get anywhere. They have to match the speed just right, then they get pushed along"

Have a great trip through the milky way!

VENUS ALBUM: (Didital only)

"The universal spectacle throughout
Was shaped for admiration and delight,
Grand in itself alone, but in that breach
Through which the homeless voice of waters rose,
That dark deep thoroughfare, had Nature lodged
The Soul, the Imagination of the whole"

Nick gives his thanks to:

Alex Sparky whom was one of the closest souls during my life, Alexey Ansheles, Otto Shwartz, Sergey Taff, Alex Coda, Sonic Elysium,
Spectrum Vision, Stanislav Lem & Ivan Efremov for the huge source of inspiration, Mariya Lazareva, Ivan Leonov, Solar Fields, Asura,
Aquascape, Uriy Gagarin, many persons of womankind for Venus energy: Umka FX, Eka Smirnova,Djane Nicoletta & Ingo @ Austria, Janco @ Kiev,
Misha Sunsay @ Microcosmas, Gabie (DJ Zen) for great creative work & lot's of inspiration!
The God whom created polar relationship of masculinity and femininity.

W&P by Nick Klimenko in Timeworks studio through 2011 - March 2012.
Guitar by Alexey Ansheles.
Original voice in Gagarin track by Uriy Gagarin.

Mastering & artwork by DJ Zen @ Altar Records studios.

10 Facts about this project:

1. Real electromagnetic sound waves of planets had been used for "Venus Eyes".

2. Several unique FM sounds were created with the synthesizer Yamaha DX11 for "Shining Parallel World".

3. The original idea for "Eclipse Of Inner World" was drawn 5 years ago.

4. The breath of the cosmonaut featured in "Soaring In Abyss" is taken from Space Odyssey 2001 movie by Stanley Kubrik.

5. Unique Random rhythmics for "Arkturus" , "Hi Tech Mosaic" , "Lullaby For The Little Robot" were made with Audio Damage 'Axon'.

6. A real toy duck was recorded & sampled to get scream of alien bird in "Gagarin".

7. Random sequence for "Sequenced Engine" was made with Access Virus synthesizer.

8. "One Touch & Whole Life" track was created and arranged in one single day. This track was entirely made with 25 year old synthesizers!

9. Strange voices featured in "Synth Tuning" & "Broken Song" were made with Roland 'V-Synth'.

10. The two albums contains a lot of musical styles: Downtempo, funk, dubstep, idm, rock, ambient, film-score/soundtrack, psychill and space electronica.

...dedicated in the memory of Alex Klimenko


all rights reserved



CHRONOS Moscow, Russia

Nick Klimenko is the artist behind the nick name "Chronos".
Active in the psychill Russian electronic scene since 2004, he has released some of the most interesting electronic psybient music on countless labels.

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